leona milla band

leona milla - vocal

tomáš hobzek - drums

vít pospíšil- piano

lukáš kytnar - electric /acoustic bass

Seeing Leona on stage is always an occasion — unlike a large number of other musicians, notably those who perform a deeper genre such as jazz — Leona is not afraid to communicate with the audience, poke a joke or tell a story to introduce a song. I guess it’s often the attitude that makes all the difference. Of course, she’s also an impressive singer — hearing her live is an uplifting and stirring event without fail. So for those of you who have a chance, go see her gig, it’s well worth the time.

Leona got born 5.3.1979 in Hradec Kralove, Czech Republic. She is a soul jazz singer and a regular in a downtown jazz venues in Prag. She is a great singer with a broad range of expression. Her singing is full of deep emotions.