Tomáš Hobzek (born 1980) began drumming sessions at Pilsen Conservatory. During his studies he became part of the J.K. Tyl’s theater orchestra, where he gained experience through playing classical music, which he did also through playing with various student bands. In 1999 he attended Prague Jazz Workshops and studied under Pavel Zbořil, Martin Šulc and Robert Balcar. Tomáš was also at the birth of “Adam’s Apple Quintet”, and started to give guest performances in Milan Svoboda’s bands. As a member of J.K.

Tyl’s theater orchestra he performed in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, and also he took part of big opera tour in Japan 2003.

Together with saxophonist Helena Marková, Tomáš established a band named Work in Progress, where he demonstrated his composing abilities.

In 2004 he started attending Prague Jazz College of Jaroslav Ježek (Jazz major), lead by Jaromír Honzák. Tomáš soon started to penetrate Prague jazz scene, as he became part of David Dorůžka Trio, Ondřej Pivec Organic Quartet, Vojtěch Procházka Trio, two bands of Roman Pokorný, Christian Rover Trio, Points quartet and lately Libor Smoldas Quartet. Tomáš also appears in countless other performances as a special guest. In the summer of 2006, Tomáš and guitarist Christian Rover accompanied organ player Rhoda Scott at Homburg Festival in Germany.

As a drummer of David Dorůžka Trio Tomas took part in the International Getxo Jazz Festival in 2005. In the same year he won “Best Band” Award with Organic Quartet at Philips International Jazz Festival. A year after that he managed to get the Czech Musical Academy Award (Anděl) in the category Jazz and Blues with the CD Don’t Get Ideas recorded with Ondřej Pivec Organic Quartet.

Tomáš performed in many International Jazz festivals with Organic Quartet, such as Cheltenham, Sibiu, Kishinev, Prague Spring, Jazz Fest Brno, Peking, Athens, or Greece (May 2008), where the band was the sole representative of the Czech musical scene. In July of 2008 Organic Quartet performed in Getxo jazz festival, Spain, where the band earned an impressive audience’s prize as the Best Band (over 17.000 visitors and jazz fans were present during the festival).

In 2007 Tomáš headed to New York, where he took private lessons with drummer Kendrick Scott (Terence Blanchard band). There, Tomáš recorded together with the hammond-organist Ondřej Pivec a CD Overseason – in cooperation with guitarist Jake Langley and saxophonist Joel Frahm. He also met pianist Dan Tepfer, who plays on Tomas’s first own album “Stick It Out” (2009).

Since 2008, Tomáš has also his own band, called Tomáš Hobzek Quartet (Tomáš Liška – doublebass, Marcel Bárta – sax, Vítek Křišťan – piano). The band has already performed in many places around Czech republic and Germany. In the spring 2009, czech label Animal music released their frst cd called “Stick It Out”, that gained many very positive reviews, such as “energetic, brilliantly served modern jazz” or “possible candidate for the jazz album of the year” . Tomas recorded this album with two guests, New York based pianist Dan Tepfer and holland saxophonist Cyrille Oswald.

In the summer 2009 the band Points was awarded a first prize in Getxo jazz competition (Spain) and later this band took part in spanish festivals in Ibiza, Bilbao and Elorio.

They also earned the second prize in jazz contest in Hoeilaart (Belgium).